Live TfL JamCam Video Feeds

A modification of the Live Google Traffic Map with JamCam images project.

At the end of October 2016, the TfL XML feed was modified and lost over 700 camera locations. This forced me to look into a long overdue upgrade.

Previously using an XML feed, the whole process required rewriting to interpret the JSON standard that TfL have adopted.
This map now lists over 900 camera locations and supplies 10 second mp4 video files rather than static images.

NOTE: Internet Explorer does not support the IFRAME method and attempts to download the file instead of play it. Typical!

Firefox and Chrome work ok :)

TfL Camera with Live Traffic


Bus Garage RunOut System (SQL based)

This idea came from a conversation with Daniel Corbin, Operations Manager for Tower Transit at the time.

A simple collection of basic php web pages interacting with an SQL database to provide a complete Run-Out notification system for a bus Garage. Consists of a duty allocation page, vehicle allocation page and a depot display screen that refreshes evey 60 seconds to provide Real-Time vehicle/Duty allocation. The system can be expanded to provide reporting and/or interacting with Excel spreadsheets for data collation.


TfL Camera with Live Traffic


London Buses 'Notice Of Event' Logging System

From my experience as a London Bus Service Controller using the iBus equipment, I was continually frustrated with having to seach for these notices to keep my drivers informed of what was happening on the Routes under my supervision.
When I started assisiting the Compliance department with Mileage processing and other associated admin work, I adapted the system for use by the Mileage team for printing auditable documents detailing all NOE relevant to the routes we operate.

This is a system designed and written by me and instigated by the Compliance Manager that utilises Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel to download, save and process PDF documents sent out by London Buses for upcoming roadworks/closures.

NOE Log Detail View

A 2 step semi-automated process and written in Visual Basic code, Outlook downloads PDF attachments to a dedicated folder and sets the messages to read once complete and moves them to archive.
Then, an Excel spreadsheet reads the files, opening them sequentially and processing the text contained producing a log of each events data including a hyperlink to the actual PDF document.

NOE Log Full View

If a Tower Transit route is affected, the system also inserts the NOE detail and the attachment as an appointment in the shared MS Office calendar system.

 NOE Log Outlook Calendar View


For the techies out there, the processing system is a 2 step manual start process.
1. Outlook uses a routine written in Visual Basic to set all Inbox messages to Un-Read, download message attachments, set processed messages to Read and moves them to archive once downloaded.
2. Excel uses a routine to open each PDF file sequentially and uses the "Send Keys" function to open the PDF, copy the text, close the file and then paste the data. This information is then processed, checking the affected Routes and setting a flag if any Tower Transit routes are found. This flag is used to trigger an insert into calendar function for the Outlook shared Calendar.

The NOE Log itself can filter a single day or a date period where NOE's are active. The system also checks for amended NOE's and automatically excludes them if the dates are the same.


Live Traffic Map With JamCam Overlay

UPDATE: November 2016 - TfL have terminated their XML feed and this project needs to be converted to JSON standard.
UPDATE: 10 November 2016 - Converted to JSON configuration and now lists over 900 Cameras :)

Personal project designed to help me in my job as a London Bus radio controller.
I'm lucky enough to play with real London Buses for 8 hours a day and couldn't find any simple websites showing cameras anywhere.
All I found was HTML5 driven, fancy graphics versions that were were slow and cumbersome.
This is just traffic and cams using a little bit of javascript, plain and simple..

Displays real-time traffic conditions with a TfL Traffic Camera overlay plotted by GPS co-ordinates from the TfL feed.

Handsome blending of two open data sources in a web browser! Awesome tool and invaluable for traffic management.

Here is a version with Tower Transit bus routes added (to help our Apprentices).
A simple lookup from an SQL database of bus stops. Location accuracy is a bit off as TfL distrubute the locations in Eastings/northings rather than Lat/Lng, but it serves the required purpose.


TfL Camera with Live Traffic


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